Santa Maria Holidays

A gentle Azores island

Santa Maria holidays feature the third smallest island in the Azores, with an area of 38 square miles and a population of just 6000. Those looking for tranquillity and relaxation will find Santa Maria holidays exceptionally rewarding. The island is a gorgeously restful patchwork of intense greens, yellows and browns, imbued with a tremendous sense of calm. The island’s position in the south of the archipelago ensures Santa Maria holidays enjoy the driest and sunniest weather in the Azores. Santa Maria holidays also owe their popularity to the island’s beautiful coastline and fine white sandy beaches, considered the best beaches in the Azores. Popular Santa Maria beaches include Praia Formosa and Sao Laurenco Bay, a good spot for watersports. Santa Maria holidays also attract keen speleologists, birdwatchers and big game fishing enthusiasts.