Portugal Holidays

Portugal Holidays – The best of all worlds

A holiday in Portugal was once thought of as either somewhere to sun yourself on the beach or to play a round of golf – both of them in the Algarve, the southern and most tourist-oriented region in the country. But things have changed and people are beginning to realise that whatever sort of holiday you are looking for, Portugal has it.

The Algarve, with its 160 kilometres of beautiful beaches, which can be enormous stretches of open sands or tiny, forgotten coves, is a favourite for family holidays. To the east it is lapped by the Mediterranean, making it slightly warmer than its western shores. There is every type of resort offering an enormous array of holiday pastimes, from the once tiny fishing villages that still live life in a laid-back style, to the purpose-built resorts such as Vilamoura, with its frenetic nightlife, deep-sea fishing, and chill-out beach.

To the north, the Lisbon coast and the Cost Verde both have their unique charms. Here the accent is more on culture and exploration, but still with a heavy emphasis on sport and a hectic club scene. Both areas have historic cities, Lisbon and Oporto respectively, which are close to beautiful beaches and exquisite countryside, so you can have the best of all worlds.