Mauritius Holidays

Mauritius Holidays – Beautiful tropical island resorts

Mauritius is a beautiful island in the Indian Ocean. Though close to Africa, it's more influenced by its British and French history and a large Indian community. Aside from the Mauritius Christmas and New Year period, it doesn't really have a high or low holiday season.

The capital city, Port Louis, bustles with commercial activity during the day. By night it is a laid back place perhaps, with the exception of new Le Caudan Waterfront with a casino, cinemas, shops, bars and restaurants. The food choice while on your holiday here is amazing, with Indian, Chinese, French, British and Creole all available. The Port Louis market has fruit, vegetables, meats and fish, crafts, clothing and spices and offers a glimpse in to the island life of Mauritius. The Natural History Museum is in the same area.

Mauritius is a picturesque island with thickly wooded mountain peaks and sugar cane fields that border the beautiful coast. The majority of the resorts and hotels cater for the all inclusive market. There are crystal clear waters and soft white sandy beaches. Unique features on the island are the extinct volcanoes dotted around the island. The varied landscape, good quality hotels and water sports facilities along with the stunning beaches make Mauritius an excellent beach holiday destination.