Dickenson Bay Holidays

A beach haven for the prefect family holiday in Antigua

Dickenson Bay on the north-western coast of Antigua is famed for its white sand, and amazingly calm, turquoise waters. This classy beach oasis with its top quality hotels makes an idyllic holiday destination for families with young children. Antigua, despite being only 280 sq m in size, is said to have 365 beaches along its coastline, allowing lucky Antiguans to boast of having one for every day of the year. All these beaches are open to the public, and kept very clean. At Dickenson Bay, less wild than some of the southern beaches, you’ll find water sports equipment available for hire from one of the main beach hotels. There are great quality restaurants nearby and a small store beyond the beach, catering for all you holiday needs. Dickenson Bay is only 6 km from VC Bird International Airport and 4 km from Antigua’s capital, St John’s.