Mahdia Tunisia Holidays

Mahdia Holidays - The essence of Tunisia

With an ancient culture of fishermen, pirates and sailors, the port town of Mahdia is full of salty charm and laid-back ambiance, making it perfect for a lazy Tunisia holiday. To this day, it has an important fishing industry, as seen by the abundance of colourful boats bobbing in the port and the spectacular site of nocturnal sardine fishing by candlelight. Textiles are another of Mahdia’s mainstays. Stroll the Friday souk along the quay for exquisite embroidery and silk garments, as well as fresh produce and curios such as camel saddles.

The walled city of Mahdia is perched on a headland (known as ‘Cape Africa’) on a stunning stretch of coast approximately halfway between Sousse and Sfax, making it an ideal base from which to explore other destinations on your Tunisia holiday. (One that shouldn’t be missed is El Jem, the world’s sixth largest Roman amphitheatre and still remarkably intact). Most hotels are located a few kilometres from the town centre, though the sites within Mahdia itself are do-able on foot and taxis are plentiful and inexpensive.