Hammemet Yasmine Tunisia Holidays

Hammamet Yasmine Holidays – The modern face of Hammamet

Like Port El Kantaoui, Hammamet Yasmine is a purpose built tourist resort. It is situated six kilometres (3.7 miles) from Hammamet on the seafront and takes its names from the abundant jasmine flowers that can be seen (and smelt) all over the area – a legacy, it is said, of Tunisians returning from Southern Spain.

Opened in 2000, Hammamet Yasmine has all the trappings of a modern tourist resort; a large, glitzy marina, a water park, casino, nightclubs and camels rides around the walls of a faux medina. Most of Hammamet Yasmine’s beaches have been annexed by the hotels, which generally keep them well maintained and there are plenty of opportunities for parasailing, jet skiing or taking to the high seas in a Disney-eque ‘pirate galleon.’

Whist the resort undoubtedly lacks the historical character or charm of neighbouring Hammamet, it may suit those who prefer fixed prices, and other conveniences on their Tunisia holiday. For a change of pace, taxis to Hammamet are cheap and plentiful.