Djerba Island Tunisia

Djerba Island – Tunisia’s island paradise

In a land of myths and legends, Djerba (or Jerba) Island boasts the most exotic of them all. When Ulysses sailed from Troy, so the story goes, he reached a desert island where the locals lived happily on lotus flowers. Real history starts with the Romans, then the Vandals and Byzantines. Its flat sandy beaches made Djerba Island an ideal pirate’s stopover, but throughout all this Djerbans continued their traditional life amongst the olive, orange and palm groves that blanket the island.

Still today, Djerba Island feels cut off from the mainland and its cosmopolitan ways, making it perfect for relaxing holidays where disconnection is high on the agenda.  Its eighty miles of beach cradles some of Tunisia’s most exclusive resorts, but in-between fisherman trawl the warm waters using artisan methods. Picturesque Houmt Souk is the island’s sole urban centre, and beyond the Zone Touristique there are simple white-washed mosques and fortified villages to explore. Kids and Star Wars fans will enjoy seeing the locations where much of the film was shot, and there are plenty of tour operators who will take you there!