Izmir Holidays

Izmir Holidays – A fantastic all-rounder, with sun, sea and city life!

Izmir is a jewel in Turkey’s tourism industry. Loved for its amazing beaches, there’s something for every taste, from the serenely empty stretches of sand at Candarli and Cesme to the windsurfers’ heaven Alacati with its constant breeze. Kusadasi delivers acres of perfect white sand and safe, shallow waters, a favourites with families. And the city of Izmir itself has everything you could want, from superb restaurants and friendly bars to souvenir shops and the Grand Bazaar, a traditional market jam packed with spices, locally woven carpets, lamps and local crafts.

Izmir is Turkey’s third largest city and its waterfront is known for its beauty with its palm trees, pier and smart waterfront promenade. And the ruined city of Ephesus is a world-beating treat for history lovers. All of which makes it popular with every age, taste and budget, whether it’s a romantic city break or a beach-based holiday.