La Gomera Holidays

La Gomera – A smaller, quieter Canary

The second smallest of the archipelago, La Gomera offers the holidaymaker a completely different experience to the one normally associated with the Canary Islands. Plunging ravines, towering cliffs and the soaring, central peak of Garajonay mountain have made mass development here impossible. As such you’ll find a slice of Spain as it was 30 years ago; peaceful fishing villages, small unspoilt beaches and a laid-back, friendly atmosphere.

With no sprawling commercial resorts to speak of, La Gomera tends to attract a different crowd; those who come here to enjoy the island’s spectacular scenery. Hikers, cyclers, birdwatchers and those who just want a truly relaxing break venture to the island to explore its lush interior. An ancient, pre-ice age laurel rainforest sprawls across the centre, while the slopes of the mountains are carpeted with banana plantations.