Faial Holidays

Outdoor paradise

Faial holidays feature one of the most popular Azores islands, known as the “blue island” because of its summer hydrangeas. Most Faial holidays are based around Horta, the island’s principal town and port, beautifully set at the foot of the mountains. Azores holidays are hardly known for their lively nightlife but Horta is a little busier than most Azores towns and has considerable charm. Horta is an important stop for sailing holidays in the Azores. Like the neighbouring island of Pico, Faial holidays are gaining a reputation for dolphin and whale watching. The varied coastline and nature reserves ensure Faial is often the island of choice for birdwatching holidays in the Azores. Diving holidays in Faial also centre on Horta, and feature offshore reefs and spectacular caves. Faial holidays also have a deserved reputation for world-class big game fishing.