Povoa de Varzim Holidays

Povoa de Varzim holidays – Sports and high-voltage night life with culture thrown in

The waters around Povoa de Varzim are rich in iodine, which may have been a good enough reason for Benedictine monks to take sea-water baths in to cure skin ailments, but it was the large beaches and the development of theatres, hotels and casinos that brought the upper classes from Porto and Minho in the 19th century. It is still the most popular holiday destination in northern Portugal, as much with the Portuguese themselves as with foreign holidaymakers.

If you decide on a holiday in Póvoa de Varzim, you will find something to fill every hour, whether you are a culture nut or someone who prefers a high-voltage life at night. The waterfront is as popular for the beach during the day as it is for its nightlife, and is enjoyed by locals and visitors in equal measure. The party vibe continues in the nightclubs and bars along on the Avenida dos Banhos, alongside the Salgueira and Redonda beaches.

For a less raucous night out, a flutter at the casino could bring its own reward, or you could sample gourmet local and Portuguese cuisine in the casino’s Egoísta restaurant. If you are a skateboard enthusiast, take it with you, as Lota Sk8 Parque has been designed to accommodate the large skater and biker communities in the area.