Ponta do Pargo Holidays

Simple and charming

The little town of Ponta do Pargo, on the west coast of Madeira, is simple and charming, and is an interesting place to visit to see the well-preserved customs and traditions of the island. The most westerly point on Madeira, Ponta do Pargo takes its' name from its' location, 'Ponta' meaning west, and the abundant species of fish found in the waters, the 'pargo'. Until the 1960's many of the resorts on the remote west of Madeira were only accessible by boat, but the opening of a major road opened up the area to visitors, with the towns and villages thankfully managing to retain their authenticity and charm. Tranquil and serene, the country town of Ponta do Pargo can show visitors the peaceful and traditional way of life found on the island, away from the hustle and bustle of the larger resorts.