Santa Eulalia Holidays – Close to everything – but not too close!

Santa Eulalia may be only three kilometres from the vibrant life of Albufeira, the Algarve’s favourite resort, but it is decades away in temperament and pace of life. Portugal’s southern coast has been attracting British holiday makers for generations, and it is small resorts like Santa Eulalia that keep alive the image of languid days, small coves to swim in and balmy evenings spent sipping a glass of vinho verde.

But don’t be tempted to think that Santa Eulalia is just for those whose idea of a perfect holiday is early to bed and a strenuous day stretched out on a beach towel. If you need a late night buzz there are enough bars and clubs to keep you going until the early hours, especially if you go to Albufeira’s famous ‘Strip’. But there’s no doubt that for romantic souls there is nothing more delightful than a stroll along the Praia Santa Eulalia, with the waves gently splashing on the shore and the crystal clear sky sparkling with diamonds.

A holiday in Santa Eulalia is made for families, couples and anyone who wants a frolic on the beach coupled with easy access to everything a major resort has to offer, while being just that bit far enough away to be able to relax in peace and quiet as the night rolls in.