Lagos Holidays

Lagos Holidays – On the way up.

Lagos was the centre of the Portuguese Age of Discovery, when the country’s seafarers were at in the forefront of European overseas exploration, and holds the dubious honour of being the first port in Europe to receive slaves from Africa. These days its visitors and tourists looking for a great holiday, and whether you are a history buff, a sports enthusiast, a food lover, searcher after bohemian bars, or a beach babe, there is something for you on a holiday in Lagos. TripAdvisor recently classified Lagos as the number one travel destination, on a list of fifteen destinations on the rise worldwide.

Wander the old town, perhaps taking in the Capela dos Ossos (Bone Chapel) of the Igreja do Sao Sebastiano. The climb up the bell tower rewards you with fabulous views.Take to the water in a sea kayak, a leisurely cruise, or a more powerful ride on one of the boats takes you dolphin watching. If you are an early riser even on holiday, take a stroll to the harbour, which is full of activity first thing. Late-night life mostly takes place in the old town; the Marina is the place to go for a quiet drink as the sun sets.