Isla Canela Holidays

Isla Canela Holidays – The luxury of island life

Strictly speaking, Isla Canela is in Spain, but as it shares the border with Portugal you could say that it has a foot in both beautiful camps, the Spanish Costa de la Luz, and the Portuguese Algarve. But not only does it have its feet in both camps geographically, it also has them in the style of holiday it offers. On the one hand (or foot), its seven kilometres of glorious beaches offer an exciting selection of water sports and beach lounging; on the other, it has a superb 18-hole golf course, with tennis facilities and plenty to offer you if you want a break from the beach, including walks through the nearby wildlife reserves.

The Isla really is an island, separated from the rest of Andalucia by the River Guadiana. Crossing the bridge takes you to a beautiful area of rolling hills and peacefully valleys. If you like the boating life you can hire a boat at the splendid marina, or take yourself off on a sailing or fishing trip.

For a full day out and a complete change from island life, the glorious historic city of Seville, la cuidad de alegria (the city of happiness), is only a couple of hour’s drive away.