Castelo Holidays

Castelo Holidays – A tucked-away treasure

The Algarve is mainly known for its glorious beaches and top-class golf courses, and justifiably so, but it is also an area of tranquil, hidden coves and beautiful scenic walks. A holiday Castelo is a perfect combination.

This peaceful resort, hidden from the main tourist gaze, takes its name from the ruined castle that sits on the headland and which has been converted into a restaurant. Comfortable hotels and private villas welcome mainly families and those looking for a respite from the everyday world who want a base to relax in but also to discover the beautiful Algarve.

The series of cove beaches are a magnet to children, who love exploring the grottoes, blowholes, and weirdly wonderful rock formations. The fine sands shelve gently into the sea, so the beaches are safe for swimming, and there is plenty of shade. If you need to stretch your legs, there are lots of beautiful scenic walks along the headland.