South Male Atoll Holidays – Quiet, slow-paced with fantastic dive site

South Male Atoll is the smaller neighbour to busier more developed North Male Atoll which is the main hub for tourism in the Maldives and also home to the nation's only international airport. Resorts here tend to be quieter, simpler and slower-paced than some of their larger, longer-established counterparts in the north.

The diving here is fantastic with some of the best dive sites in the Maldives being found in these islands. Thanks to the relative simplicity of the resorts coupled with a scaling down in the range of facilities and attractions in comparison to some other regions, there are good value deals to be had here with all inclusive packages proving a very popular option. If you want a straightforward slice of paradise with not too much in the way of outside distractions, South Male Atoll, just a short hop from the international airport, could be your ideal destination.