North Male Atoll Holidays - Famous for peaceful beaches and warm tropical seas

North Male Atoll lies in the eastern part of the Maldives and boasts a massive 107 idyllic islands, only 10 of which are permanently populated. North Male Atoll is the main hub of the Maldives tourism industry and also home to the nation's only international airport. Thanks to its proximity to the country’s international gateway, this was the first area to be developed for tourism and a plethora of luxury hotels and resorts has been developed on the previously unpopulated islands over the past 40 years. Visitors reach their resorts by seaplane or speedboat, and are given a birds-eye view of the stunning islands and their beauty.

Resorts here are well-positioned and offer a range of accommodation options to fit varying budgets, with plenty of choice for couples and honeymooners thanks to the romantic setting and secluded location. The region is famous for peaceful beaches and warm tropical seas, with many visitors opting to scuba-dive or snorkel in the famed coral reefs of the Indian Ocean, home to some world-class dive sites. The Maldives capital city, Male, is located at the southern end of North Male Atoll, and tours here offer a taste of local island life, with its collection of mosques and colourful markets, and a wealth of history and culture to discover. In contrast with pretty much all the rest of the islands, Male itself is one of the most densely populated islands on Earth with one third of the country’s population residing here.