Meemu Atoll Holidays - Stunning white sand beaches and crystal clear lagoons

Meemu Atoll is located in the Southern Atolls of the Maldives, just to the south of Vaavu Atoll. It is the smallest of the Maldives 26 atolls and comprises 33 islands of which only nine are inhabited. Two of the formerly unpopulated islands now boast beautifully designed holiday resorts. Your stay in one of these luxury resorts could include exciting sightseeing trips to nearby inhabited islands including the atoll’s capital Muli or neighbouring Boli Mulah and Kolhuvaariyaafushi.

Although no Buddhist remains have yet been found in this atoll, there is an historically important mosque on Kolhufushi Island. There is also a significant shipwreck dating from 1573 located off the south eastern reef of Kolhuvaariyaafushi Island. However, putting aside the cultural possibilities on offer, most visitors to this beautiful atoll will simply want to bask in the idyllic surroundings to be found in one of its luxury resorts on the islands of Medhufushi and Hakuraa Huraa. Both resorts are surrounded by stunning white sand beaches and crystal clear lagoons and both offer first class accommodation including spacious over-water bungalows and beach villas with views out over the blue Indian Ocean. This is a tropical island dream that lives up to the once in a lifetime holiday title.