Dhaalu Atoll Holidays

Dhaalu Atoll Holidays - Tropical escapism that will provide unforgettable experiences

The Maldives beauty spot of Dhaalu Atoll is located in the Southern Atolls and comprises 56 islands of which only 7 are inhabited. With numerous secluded and uninhabited islands, and a population of only 6000, Dhaalu Atoll offers sheer tropical escapism that will provide unforgettable holiday experiences. The atoll’s capital, Kudahuvadhoo boasts some of the world’s most stunning mosques and several shipwrecks in its surrounding waters; perfect for the diving enthusiast. Hulhudheli and Rinbudhoo islands, located to the west of the atoll, are traditionally renowned for the skill of their jewellers. Some of the islands in this atoll have remains from the Buddhist period and a collection of mysterious mounds known as hawittas can be found in Kudahuvadhoo. .

There are also numerous cruises to secluded islands where holiday makers can swim with dolphins and enjoy candlelit dinners on the beach as the sun sets over the Indian Ocean. Thanks to the all year round hot climate holidays can be taken at any time of the year. December to April is the high season and festive holidays are a popular time with holiday makers looking to escape the British winter to this exotic tropical destination. May to November is considered the low season when Dhaalu Atoll will receive some rainfall but this does bring the best ocean conditions for diving and windsurfing. .