Santorini Holidays

Santorini Holidays – Romantic island, known for its stunning volcanic landscape and magical sunsets

Santorini exudes a classic charm and an air of romance, making it a popular destination with couples and honeymooners, and those looking to embrace the real character and dazzling beauty of the island. This tiny gem in the Cyclades Islands is one of the most picturesque in Greece, encompassing a dramatic volcanic landscape, delightful scenery, and breathtaking sunsets. Famed for its blue-domed churches and tumbling whitewashed houses, Santorini also boasts plenty to see and do, with the island home to archaeological sites, and authentic Greek villages. Santorini has an upmarket reputation, yet has a selection of accommodation to suit all budgets, and a varied nightlife and entertainment scene.

Most famous for its volcano and caldera, Santorini is characterised by spectacular scenery and a coastline full of unique black and grey beaches, set against red-coloured cliffs. Beaches here are very different from many other Greek islands, but no less relaxing, with Santorini known for its sparkling clear waters and steep dramatic backdrops, and a great base for sunbathing, swimming and water sports. Well-placed for island-hopping, Santorini has excellent connections to the rest of the Cyclases, with regular ferries to Naxos, Paros, Ios, Mykonos, Syros and Thessaloniki during the summer.