Naxos Holidays

Naxos Holidays – Simple charm and true Greek character in the Cyclades Islands

The largest of the Cyclades Island, Naxos offers an authentic destination, where the emphasis is on plenty of sun, sea and sand, with a traditional Greek character. Boasting a glorious coastline and a lush fertile interior, the island is a haven for peaceful relaxation, whether you’re looking to sunbathe on golden sandy beaches, learn to windsurf, or hike through the spectacular countryside. Still largely unspoilt, Naxos has a simple charm, and is ideal for couples and families looking for a laid-back scenic holiday in Greece.

Naxos presents a delightful slice of charming island life, in the heart of the Aegean Sea, where there’s plenty of coastline to explore, dozens of quaint little towns and villages to visit, and a rich heritage to discover, especially in the colourful Naxos Town.  Easy to get around, this green and mountainous island offers something for everyone, being home to a number of archaeological sites, as well as churches and historical remains.