Lesbos Holidays

Lesbos Holidays – Discover ‘The Emerald Isle’, an unspoilt destination in Greece

The lush green island of Lesbos is ideal for a quiet holiday in the northern Aegean, whether you are looking for a relaxing week on a sandy beach, or an activity break walking, biking or birdwatching in the countryside. Lesbos is home to a number of varied resorts, from traditional beach towns with a lively tourist vibe, to peaceful spots on deserted coastline, with the whole island known for its crystal-clear waters and picturesque shore. There’s a friendly laid-back atmosphere throughout, with Lesbos catering to both families and couples in search of a more unspoilt destination in Greece.

Lesbos is the third largest Greek island, and has its own airport, making it easily accessible from the UK, yet it has still managed to retain its authenticity and character, and remain largely undeveloped. As well as the more popular coastal resorts, the countryside is a delight to explore, with quaint villages and verdant farmlands, and numerous historic sites dotted around. Lesbos is a well-known destination for birdwatchers each spring, and the island is home to over 130 species throughout its diverse interior, which is full of marshes, rivers, salt pans and forests.