Northern Cyprus Holidays

Northern Cyprus Holidays – The last bolthole in the Mediterranean?

With scarcely 100,000 foreign visitors annually, northern Cyprus likes to pitch itself as the ‘last unspoilt corner of the Mediterranean’. Perhaps compared to southern Cyprus, but it’s no longer a secret destination, and recourse – as in the south – to real estate promotion has wrought great changes since the 1990s. The 1974 war which divided the island into a Greek-Cypriot south and Turkish-Cypriot north left the latter a backwater statelet, unrecognised and unaided by all save Turkey, its creator and sponsor. Tourist development long lagged behind southern Cyprus, and the ‘unspoilt’ tag merely made a virtue of necessity.  But those days are gone – there are hotels and restaurants in the north every bit as sophisticated as anywhere in the Mediterranean, and northern Cyprus’ infrastructure has improved beyond all recognition. Beaches – especially east of Kyrenia and on the Karpas Peninsula – are among the island’s best, while medieval walled Famagusta and Kyrenia old port ooze atmosphere.