Exciting resorts and wonderful beaches
Grand Bahama is the fourth largest Bahamas island; an extended narrow island in the north-west Bahamas with a wonderful all-year-round climate, fantastic beaches, beautiful sheltered aquamarine water, coral reefs and exciting resorts. Grand Bahama features plenty of upmarket hotels and luxury accommodation and your holiday here can combine the excitement of modern Freetown and the popular beach resort of Lucaya with charming quiet fishing villages and deserted unspoilt beaches, particularly on the east and west ends of the island. Grand Bahama offers something for everyone, whether beach connoisseurs, golfers, water sports fans or gamblers.
Plenty of entertainment and classy accommodation
Grand Bahama's main tourist destinations are the main tourist beach resort of Lucaya and the popular cruise destination of Freeport, 4 miles to the west. Taxis and local buses connect the two. While many holidays here offer all inclusive packages it is definitely worth trying some of the more exotic Bahamian and world cuisines on offer in a varied selection of restaurants. There is plenty of entertainment to be experienced in the Lucaya and Freeport areas, including some extravagant Caribbean shows, live music, classy nightclubs and dozens of bars. No holiday here  is complete without a visit to the casino. Grand Bahama will satisfy shopping fans, with plenty of interest in Lucaya and Freeport, ranging from local markets to classy boutiques, jewellery and duty free stores.
White coral beaches and superb watersports
Superb white coral beaches are a feature of Grand Bahama and are found all over the island. The beaches here can be very quiet outside of the main tourist areas. The most popular beaches include Zanadu Beach, Silver Point Beach, Taino Beach, Churchill Beach and Fortune Beach. There are also endless opportunities for water sports enthusiasts with excellent facilities for waterskiing, parasailing, windsurfing, scuba diving, snorkelling and sailing. Your holiday also include exciting fishing as well as fine golf, tennis and horse riding. There are opportunities to explore the unspoilt forests and the outstanding Lucayan National Park with its astonishing underwater caves and you should try to include a visit to the spectacular botanical gardens at the Garden of the Groves and the unforgettable Unexso Dolphin Experience.

Weather in Grand Bahama

Whether relaxing in the beautiful secluded beaches of Grand Bahama or enjoying the vast array of water sports available, visitors will enjoy glorious sunshine throughout spring, summer, autumn and winter. The high temperatures ranging from 25C in January, 28C in May, 32C in August and an astonishing 26C in November are more than accommodating to sun-worshippers. The long hours of sunshine are also ideal, with 7 hours of sunshine throughout winter and spring and up to 9 hours in summer.