Sousse Tunisia Holidays

Sousse Holidays – A city full of character

Fought over by the Phoenicians, Romans and Muslims, Sousse is a lively town that manages to strike the right note between cosmopolitan and laid back. At 64 kms (40miles) south of Hammamet on the coast, its array of cafes and shops ensure a buzzy street life, particularly around the Avenue Habib Bourguiba whilst the beach and sea front promenade draws visitors and locals alike for some down time. The Great Mosque, the 8th century ribat, and sizable Medina (a UNESCO world heritage site) are the main events of Sousse’s numerous cultural attractions, whilst lesser known ones include the Museum Dar Essid, a private museum located in a grand, traditional home (or dar). Sousse-Nord is a purpose-built leisure complex complete with marina and golf course, holiday apartments and hotels provides that denote a laid-back Mediterranean ambiance.

Sousse is an ideal base from which to explore other parts of Tunisia via train, either up the coast to Tunis or south to Monastir and Mahdia and as far as Gabes, a desert town with a remarkable oasis.