Gammarth Tunisia Holidays

Gammarth Holidays - Stunning beaches and upscale accommodation.

Situated a mere 15 kms (25kms) north of the country’s capital Tunis on the Bay of Tunis, Gammarth is an upmarket resort area that boasts some of Tunisia’s most breath-taking beaches, beautiful villas and luxury hotels, particularly in the adjacent enclave of La Marsa, the preferred holiday destination for many wealthy Tunisians. Nearby cultural attractions include the famous ‘blue and white’ village of Sidi Bou Said, the ancient ruins of Carthage and of course Tunis itself, and intoxicating metropolis of post and pre-colonial architecture, an exotic medina and spellbinding mosques and monuments. Gammarth offers a considerably larger choice of shops, cafes, bars and restaurants than many other Tunisia resorts and families will find an array of water sports activities and excursions on offer.  Those seeking more nocturnal pleasures will see plenty of nightlife and café society action in La Marsa and the picturesque port of La Goulette.