Egypt Holidays

Egypt Holidays – Year-round sunshine, ancient history and awe-inspiring scenery  

The birthplace of one of the world’s first great civilisations, Egypt is truly iconic. The country’s landmarks need no introduction, whether it be the huge, lazily meandering Nile, mind-boggling Pyramids, or endless desert sands. This is the most popular and easily accessible of the Arab world’s tourist destinations for Europeans, with something for all tastes; from all inclusive luxury to cost-effective budget options.

Cairo is a chaotic maelstrom of narrow dusty streets, squat mosques, sprawling bazaars and hot, shisha-filled air, all revolving around a medieval Old Town. Travel further up the Nile and you’ll find Luxor, awash with historical monuments and lined with ancient burial chambers. Aswan in the south is a more African city, with palm fringed islands and beautiful river boats sailing along the shores.

The west of the country sees beginning of the seemingly infinite desert, an awe-inspiring place of endless sand dunes and intense heat, broken only by the occasional oasis or squat mediaeval fortress.

While for western style nightlife, all-inclusive luxury hotels and some of the best scuba diving on the planet, Sharm el Sheikh on the Red Sea coast is one of the most popular destinations in the country. And the laid-back coastal town of Dahab is a backpacker’s paradise, with a hippy commune atmosphere and stunning sea views.