Africa Holidays

Africa Holidays – Jungle, desert and beautiful beaches

Trying to summarise Africa is a bit like trying to count the grains of sand on a beach; you could spend a thousand years at it and still never come close. This huge continent is home to a wealth of different peoples, cultures, religions and traditions. Dusty, Arabic northern medinas, chaotic, colourful West African markets, secluded, palm fringed beaches looking out across the Indian Ocean, endless plains where lions roam… the diversity of landscape is only matched by the diversity of its inhabitants.

As such, there is perhaps no other destination on earth that offers the holidaymaker so much choice. Holidays here can mean pampered, all-inclusive luxury in Sharm el Sheikh, exhilarating safaris in the Gambia or laid-back beach holidays in Kenya. The range of sights to see is equally impressive; it’s safe to say Africa has more than its fair share of the world’s wonders, both man-made and natural. From the soaring Table Mountain in South Africa to the majesty of the Pyramids in Egypt, to the vast emptiness of the Sahara Desert… there’s enough to keep you busy on a lifetime of holidays.